What is Grace To Us? by Robbie Dickinson

What’s the first thing you think about when you consider grace? Getting a promotion at your job? Or is it perhaps the Lord’s unmerited favor to us in saving us for free and that we didn’t have to do anything? That’s true. Amazing isn’t it. We never deserved it. We never had to do anything besides believe; and yet He loved us and saved sinners like us.

But how about we look a little further in the bible where grace is mentioned in a deeper context…

How does God move? by Kyle Barton

The kingdom of God was the central message in Jesus’ earthly ministry. The gospel of Matthew particularly highlights this aspect of the Lord’s teaching, mentioning the kingdom 55 times. Luke follows closely behind at 44 times. God’s move is to bring His kingdom to the earth. The book of Acts, a book on God’s move, begins and ends with the kingdom (1:3, 28:31).

So how does that actually happen? How does the kingdom of God come?

If we want to be involved in God’s move today then we should identify the factors of His move. What causes God to move? Do we influence when and how He moves?

All Christians agree that the book of Acts is a record of God’s move, but I wonder what they would say the channel of His move is. There’s probably no general consensus.

I recently read through Acts again and noticed some recurring key words. Witness and speaking are all over the place!…

Zoe Life by Joanna Hall

Sometimes when I ask people if they’ve thought about the purpose of human life or what life is, they don’t always know how to respond. Maybe they’ve never thought about it. Others can’t pin down a definition for life but seek to avail themselves of all that it has to offer. While our human life is certainly mysterious, the Bible describes “life” in a very particular way.

Ephesians 4:18 contains the phrase,“the life of God.” The Greek word for life in this verse is zoe, and that zoe is actually one of three different Greek words for life in the Bible: biospsuche and zoe. The Bible uses zoe when referring to the life of God. Studying the word ‘zoe’ makes me clearer about distinguishing the different words for life in Greek…