#GenCSIt’s not often that all three of us are together… We’re usually on different continents, involved in different services, and needless to say Skype-ing from different time zones. But it happened just this last week! Robbie, Trevor, and myself (the co-creators of EachOneHas) all attended an epic week-long conference on the book of Genesis down in sunny, Southern California. Simply known as the Crystallization-Study of Genesis (or #GenCS for short), we were among 4,500 others who made their way from all over the world to Anaheim, CA. I know going to Disneyland and seeing the Angels play are nice… But they pale in comparison to seeing God’s eternal purpose, and our entire Christian experience in the first ten chapters of the Bible.

To encapsulate all the Lord spoke and did through the 12 messages, the morning study times, and all the fellowship had over meals, we put together a compilation of the best tweets, pictures, and posts of each day of the conference on a social platform called Storify. Simply put, these are a social media recap of #GenCS, from everyone at #GenCS. What can we say?… We love the “each one has” principle (1 Cor. 14:26), even when it’s facilitated through the internet. (One of our good friends Kyle Barton calls that “micro-prophesying“)

Enjoy the quotes, snippets, and nuggets from the links below and let us know what your favorites are.

Day 1

Msg. 1 | The Central Thought of God

Msg. 2 | Creation in Christ for the Fulfillment of God’s Purpose

Day 2

Msg. 3 | The Experience of Christ as Life Portrayed in Genesis 1

Msg. 4 | God Creating Man in His Own Image for His Expression

Day 3

Msg. 5 | Dominion—Subduing the Enemy, Recovering the Earth, and Exercising God’s Authority over the Earth

Msg. 6 | The Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

Day 4

Msg. 7 | The River of Water of Life

Msg. 8 | The Type of Eve as the Counterpart of Adam

Day 5

Msg. 9 | The Serpent, the Woman, and the Seed of the Woman

Msg. 10 | Abel, Enosh, and Enoch

Day 6

Msg. 11 | Noah—the Life and Work That Can Change the Age

Msg. 12 | A Seed of the Church Life and a Shadow of the Kingdom