Prayer Meeting in FayettevilleOne of our greatest joys here at EachOneHas is travel. We’ve literally been around the entire globe, as far south as New Zealand, as far north as Switzerland, as far east as Fiji, and as far west as Southern California. When we go our goal is not vacation, even though the old creation (i.e. beaches, mountains, monuments, etc.) is great. Who isn’t filled with wonder as they look upon the vast expanse of the Grand Canyon, and know that there must be a Creator to bring forth such beauty? What’s even better than the old creation though is… the new creation. That is, the church, the Body of Christ, the one new man. Of course we want to enjoy the scenery of any place we visit, but even more than that we want to enjoy God with His people city by city, country by country, “day by day…house to house” (Acts 2:46).

Even though those of us here at EachOneHas aren’t Paul or Barnabas, I thought it would be good to start a new section of our blog called “Travel Log” to keep everyone updated on where we are, what we’re doing, and where we’re headed next. This past week my wife Joanna and I took a week-long trip to Fayetteville, Arkansas. Ok… I know what you’re thinking. Arkansas is not quite as exotic as Fiji, or Thailand, or South Africa… But the Lord is still moving there! Two of our friends recently moved to Fayetteville and picked up a real burden for the college students in the area. They’re involved with a great Christian group there that meets organically in the homes and practices “each one having.” The whole church developed a genuine feeling to reach out to the University of Arkansas and when we heard about it we couldn’t help but get in the car and go.

Meeting these excellent believers was such an encouragement to me. Eating with them, praying with them, hearing their stories, helping them get out there and interact on campus… It was such a joy. The Body of Christ was in motion right before our eyes and I realized again that this is why we serve the Lord, this is why we started EachOneHas, and this is why we’re alive here and now on the earth.

When I was in college at UT Austin I stumbled upon a truly organic church and my life has never been the same. They helped me realize that the church is something we are, not the building we’re in or the activity we do. They also showed me the high vision of the church that is revealed in the New Testament. In Ephesians alone the church is 7 different items:

  1. The Body of Christ (1:23)
  2. The new man (2:15)
  3. The kingdom of God (2:19)
  4. The household of God (2:19)
  5. The dwelling place of God (2:21-22)
  6. The bride of Christ (5:24-25)
  7. The warrior (6:11-12)
These precious believers truly filled me with appreciation for the church. Perhaps what I’m most thankful for though was not the vision they gave me but seeing how they practically lived out that vision in their everyday lives. What I mean is that the Body of Christ was not simply doctrine to them, it was their experience. It wasn’t just something they could teach and preach about, it was something evident in their daily living. These Christians practically manifesting the Body of Christ before me, changed my life.

The rest of my days I want encourage, help, grow, and foster such a reality on the earth.

(The picture above was taken at the church’s weekly prayer meeting.)