As our name suggests, those of us here at EachOneHas love Christian gatherings where every believer is allowed and encouraged to share. Honestly, this kind of meeting usually happens in a small setting (like a home) with a small amount of people. As good as they are though, small meetings in mutuality is not all there is to the Christian life. To be balanced and healthy in our walk with the Lord we also need the bigger meetings. We need the special portion of grace God has given to the apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds and teachers (Eph. 4:11-12).

We need special times to be fed and equipped, to then go and minister to others what has been ministered to us. 

twitterThis week a number of our friends are attending a week-long conference on Daniel and Zechariah. While the messages are sure to be jam-packed with the revelation in the word, there’s also going to be a lot of overflow from everyone in the audience… via Twitter.

Though limited, social media is an empowering tool to the Christian. It easily enables every believer to give what they “have.”

Those at the conference will be using the common hashtag #DanZech to tweet out their appreciation and thoughts of the messages. To further encourage such “micro-prophesying,” we’ll be retweeting some of the best overflow on the EachOneHas twitter account (@EachOneHas) all week.

Stay tuned in to our twitter feed to catch some of the best or follow the action yourself by searching #DanZech on Twitter.

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