I guess for practicality sake and for many of the members’ benefit it’s good to designate an actual church meeting where each one can have the opportunity to prophesy to one another. This kind of meeting is implied in 1 Corinthians 14. However, prophesying can also take place with a minimum of two people where they each share their portion of the word to each other to build each other up; this can happen anywhere and it definitely doesn’t have to be at a designated formal meeting.

What I’m talking about here is a bigger meeting. In these meetings there is opportunity for each one to share. The meetings that I have been in have a range of believers speaking the word, opening up the word from the light they’ve received on it, and sharing their enjoyment of the word that they read – this actually gives life to others because they had enjoyed it first through the Lords enlightening before sharing it. Often we each speak for two or three minutes so that each one can have a turn.

After much personal failure when prophesying, i’ve found it vital when speaking to use my spirit and not to try to display my self or natural person apart from the Lord – that won’t build people up with Christ; we only want to speak Christ to others. Using my spirit is not trying to rely on my minds capability and tact but rather standing with the Lord in my spirit to “release Him” in my speaking.

Again from previous failures I found it a big help as a listener to also actively use/exercise my spirit so that I can receive from the members who are speaking and to be open to what the person is speaking and not be critical; otherwise there won’t be any spiritual building taking place.

It’s an amazing meeting to be in out of the variety of church meetings; if you’re open to the other believers’ sharing and you also come with something to share with them then the Spirit can really flow because He has our co-operation with Him while in the meeting. I have left prophesying meetings time after time so filled with joy and life that I feel like my life has so much meaning; I have “wind in my sails” to go on in the Lord, and also I have the sense that the Lord is satisfied too. So on the one hand we do get satisfied, but really we have these meetings because we want to display the Christ that we have to others through our speaking and in so doing we build up the Body of Christ.