The term “Organic church” is what many people are talking about nowadays among Christians. We now see that to have an organic church isn’t just a matter of being spontaneous in the meetings because we can now all “have”, although that’s obviously very important. It’s more so a matter of experiencing Christ as life so that each member can “have” or share their Christ with others. This means that we need to have something of Christ to bring to others right?

So regarding “having Christ”, is there something that we should know about experiencing Christ as life or is it a given that we’ve all graduated from it and have no problem experiencing Him?

I felt it necessary to touch on one of many points about our experience of Christ individually which will benefit our coming together in homes as the church. This is our experience of the invisible presence of Christ.

To experience His invisible presence we first need to accept the fact that He can see us and we can’t see Him. From then on our relationship with Him is characterised by faith and love. 1 Peter 1:8 shows our loving Him whom we have not seen because of our faith toward Him.

The bible shows that Christ towards us is both in us (Col 1:27+3:4) but He’s also our Emmanuel (Matt 1:23) which means that He is with us. So He’s not only in us but also with us. If we see this it’ll revolutionise our experience of Him because He’s in us, that means we have the ability to experience Him. As a believer in Christ, He is in you and with you! (2 Cor 13:5). We believe this fact.

However, our experience of His invisible presence requires more than facts, it needs our fellowship with Him subjectively. Many times our fellowship with God is hindered because our conscience is bothered; probably because of a sin against God. Having a problem with our conscience is like putting dirt on a window so that the light can’t shine in properly. That’s why we have His precious blood which cleanses us every time we confess to Him(1 John 1:9), and this deals with the problem in our conscience. We can say “Lord, cleanse me with Your blood, forgive me for this sin against you.” This is an opening of our heart to Him and it brings us back into unhindered fellowship with Him.

So our relationship with Christ is dependent on our fellowship with Him so that we can get to know Him through our loving Him. We can do this because He’s so attractive to us and because His divine love is in us. The more time we spend with Him in fellowship, the more we love Him. We fellowship with Him in faith and don’t trust on whether we “feel” Him as an emotion, and eventually we don’t need a “feeling” or a prophetic word from someone to know that He’s real because His invisible presence will be so real to us through our developing our faith and love towards Him.

We all need much time of fellowship with Jesus; in this way we’ll experience Him more and when we gather together we will then have more Christ as life in us through our experiencing of Him. This is all for the Church, and this is the Church.